Sleep tight with The Chiropractic Clinic

August 7, 2013
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We have 2 videos for your information, one on pillows and neck support and the other on how to best support the lower back and legs.

We all know people who seem to function on only a few hours’ sleep, and those who need to sneak in the odd afternoon nap.

The amount of sleep we need does vary between people, but for all of us a good night’s sleep is crucial.

A scientific study in 2013* found that sleep is so important, that too little can dramatically effect the activity of our DNA, particularly those genes involved in immunity and responses to stress.

Therefore if we aren’t sleeping well, our body’s ability to heal and repair is hampered.
Yet despite it being so critical, 22% complain of chronically not sleeping well and 58% of the population say they wake up feeling stiff and achy**.
As we see people every day who come to us in pain, we know exactly how important a good night’s sleep is to aid in recovery and maximise your healing.
We want to ensure that everyone can find out how to do exactly that.