Younger Chiropractic Clinic Wirral

At Younger Chiropractor Clinic we have a team of highly trained professionals and experts working to improve quality of life for our patients. A healthy spine leads to a healthy life. Our clinic offers medicine free solutions to your pains and contributes toward a healthy life, unlike conventional medicine which involves the use of multiple drugs and treats only when an injury manifests.

Who We Are?

As our name says we deal with the science of Chiropractic. We are primary care practitioners who address pain and injury resulting from dysfunction involving muscles, joints and nerves.

Our Guiding Principles

Our dictating principles are “integrity, passion and effective communication“.

Effective Communication

Our practice involves actively listening to the needs of our patients and providing them with the required knowledge and support regarding their presenting complaint. An effective two way communication exists between our professionals and patients which leads to positive health results.


We find the underlying cause of injury and treat it. If desired results are not obtained within three weeks of treatment, we will suggest further investigation and consultation and refer as appropriate.


All our team members are passionate in their field and strive to contribute positively in the community. They understand the dramatic benefits Chiropractic management has for the individuals and provide outstanding services.

Our Team

Our Chiropractors are qualified to the highest level, obtaining degrees in Chiropractic from well reputed and leading institutions. They have over 15 years of experience on their hands working with a variety of patients belonging to all age groups. They understand their patients and provide services taking care of all their requirements and needs. Enjoying what you do is essential in giving your best. All our team members love what they do and find it an extremely rewarding field to specialise in. At our clinic the highest standards of ethics and health care are maintained.

Every Individual Is Unique

Everybody is different and has a particular chemical makeup. Our goal is to get a deeper understanding of the root cause of dysfunction and address it appropriately to improve the quality of life for the patient.

Benefiting Patients Of All Ages and Problems

We have expertise in dealing with patients of all ages from new-borns through to the elderly – for example – our youngest patient was 1 day old and our oldest 98 years of age! Problems can range from minor strains and sprains to severe painful trauma. Whether you twisted your foot while walking or are an elderly patient with arthritic joints constantly giving you a tough time moving around, you can find help for your musculoskeletal ailments at our clinic. The people in need of Chiropractic management encompass a wide spectrum. They include athletes, manual labourers as well as office workers and many more. Appropriate health care enables optimum productivity for all.

People are looking forward to an alternative to conventional treatments regarding their pains including neck pain, back pain and sciatica. They want to have a choice that saves them from invasive interventions like surgery. Visit Younger Chiropractic Clinic in Irby, Wirral and start the journey to your road to recovery TODAY. Call 
0151 648 7878 to see how we can help.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Our Wirral Chiropractors

Our Expertise

Masters Qualified Chiropractors providing expert care with over 15 years combined experience.

Clear Communication

We pride ourselves on our ability to diagnose and take the time to explain clearly to all our patients.

We Believe Prevention Is Better Than Cure

We will endeavour to find the root of your problem to help prevent re-occurrence and keep you pain free.

Our Honesty

If we feel unable to resolve your pain/discomfort we will be open and honest and refer you to the most appropriate professional.

Highly Recommended

If you are still unsure whether Younger Chiropractic Clinic is for you, why not read some of our glowing reviews on Google, Facebook and on testimonial page.

Jake Hoyle-Griffiths.

Chiropractor & Director

Jake Hoyle-Griffiths graduated as a doctor of chiropractic from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic and achieved a distinction. During his time at the institute, he enjoyed treating patients and learning about the role of chiropractic in sport, injury rehabilitation and prevention.

From a young age, Jake had an interest in the body and its inner workings. Jake began to suffer from chronic, persistent migraines at a young age which introduced him into the chiropractic world firstly, as a patient. After experiencing first-hand the positive effect chiropractic had on reducing the frequency and intensity of his migraines, Jake then decided to pursue a career in the chiropractic profession.
Jake sees himself as very competent and confident with treating headache patients, having increased empathy, and seeks to keep improving his knowledge and treatment of a plethora of headaches.

Jake prides himself on his friendly, approachable yet professional manner and being able to ensure that both doctor and patient are on the same page in the recovery and treatment. In his spare time, Jake enjoys trying new sports, recently just taking up surfing.

jake hoyle griffiths | wirral chiropractor
claire allen 1 | wirral chiropractor

Claire Allen.


Claire graduated as a doctor of chiropractic from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 2010 (Distinction. Pre-clinical Academic Award winner, DC MChiro). She had previously worked as a molecular biologist in both the UK and New Zealand but chose to pursue chiropractic after seeing first-hand the dramatic benefits of chiropractic in the relief of pain and in maximising musculoskeletal health.

She has found that there is no ‘typical’ chiropractic patient; from the keen athlete with an acute injury to patients wishing to be less painful after a day at their desk/wheelbarrow/golf, through to newborns and Mums struggling after a difficult birth. There is also no ‘typical’ treatment with every patient needing bespoke care, whether that is manual therapy, dry needling, IASTM or rehabilitation. Claire really enjoys the diversity of clinical life as a chiropractor and the potential that chiropractic offers to improve a huge variety of problems.

Her other full-time job is as a mum to Bethany and Sophie, and she often comes to work for some peace and quiet!

Scott Fulton-Brown.


Everyone meet Scott

Scott has a motto in life, “Be the best you can be”.

His aim is to make his patients become the best they can be.

He graduated from the University of South Wales in 2018, completing the Master Of Chiropractic 4 year degree.

He has worked in a variety of clinics which have all taught him current and new techniques he uses to help his patients today.

He has a passion for sharing his knowledge, and as a keen sportsman having played at elite levels, he uses his experience of this to treat athletes. With that being said Scott treats patients from all walks of life, and will always aim to get you the help you need.

Scott will always be more than happy to help you work towards your goals whatever they are. 

scott fulton-brown chiropractor
jordyn rae | wirral chiropractor

Jordyn-Rae Ward.

Sports Massage

Everyone meet Jordyn-Raé
Jordyn is our fantastic new sports massage therapist joining us at Younger Chiropractic!
From a young age, Jordyn-Raé has played football, starting at Tranmere Rovers ladies for 9 years and then Chester FC Women’s! ⚽
She has always enjoyed sports and during her time playing football she got over many muscular injuries, however, one ankle injury took a huge impact on her performance. She went to see the clubs sports therapist for treatment and rehabilitation and really enjoyed the program, this is what gave Jordyn-Raé the initial spark to get into sports massage! This encouraged her to go on to study sports science and then onto sports therapy. Jordyn-Raé is always up for learning something new!

Chris Griffiths.

Receptionist and Clinic Manager

Chris has worked in Retail for over 40 years starting on work experience in 1981 with WH Smith Ltd. He has worked for several high street names including Primark, Asda and M&S in various roles including Head office, high street area and regional positions before joining Younger Chiropractic in 2021.
Chris enjoys being outside and spends much of his time motor homing around the UK and Europe with his wife.
Chris also enjoys walking and training the family dogs.
chris griffiths | wirral chiropractor
justine reston | wirral chiropractor

Justine Reston.


Justine has enjoyed a long career as a scientist (24 years!) at the Health and Safety Executive before joining the reception team at Younger Chiropractic. She is passionate about sports and has a diverse, competitive sporting background including representing Great Britain as an age group triathlete.

Currently, Justine competes for an elite indoor rowing team, Q Power, and has been World, British, English and Welsh champion during the last three years. She also holds eight indoor rowing world records. Outside of work and training, she looks after her family, is an enthusiastic vegetable grower and loves planning holidays to her favourite place, Menorca.

Sheila Crockford.


sheila crockford | wirral chiropractor