Knee Pain

August 5, 2013
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I just had a patient in with knee pain, particularly after sitting for prolonged periods, walking down the stairs and when she tried to squat.  After a full examination she was diagnosed with a patella tracking disorder. This is a common diagnosis and occurs as a result of a abnormal tracking of the patella.

The knee is a hinge joint and is made up of the lower leg (tibia and fibula) which articulate with the thigh bone (the femur). The knee cap (patella) sits over the top of the knee joint  in a shallow groove and is held in place by tendons top and bottom and by ligaments ether side. If the balance of the knee cap is incorrect the patella tracks incorrectly in this groove (most commonly tracks to much to the outside) and with repetitive movement can result in pain around the knee cap.

This is a common presenting injury at The Chiropractic clinic and is successfully treated often. Our Chiropractors would look at treating over tight muscles around the knee that control the outward movement of the patella and by advising on strengthening exercises for the muscles that hold the patella inwards. As Chiropractors we would also look at treating the the function of the back and hip as if these are not functioning correctly this can also result in patella tracking problems.

For further information about the knee, please visit our  web page about the knee or alterntively book an appointment with one of our highly qualified Chiropractors to see how we can help.