Back Pain Exercise Classes

November 6, 2013
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At Younger Chiropractic we specialise in the treatment and strengthening of the low back. Research has shown that after just 6 weeks of low back pain the deep core stabilising muscles become weak and unless you actively strengthen them back they become inhibited, become less efficient in stabilising the back and back pain can result.

At Younger Chiropractic we commonly here “ I didn’t lift anything heavy I only…….” .Improving function in the low back and then doing an appropriate course of back strengthening can go a long way to help alleviate low back pain and prevent reoccurrence.

Younger Chiropractic have teamed up with Jonathon Fairhurst to provide a comprehensive 6 week course in Moreton tailored to strengthen the low back and build core strength to help with common low back conditions that we see regularly at the clinic.

The next course will start on Tuesday 8t October.  Please note only 6 per class.

If you wish to attend one of these classes please contact the clinic on 0151 6487878 and please give your class prefernce. We have a 9.30-10.30 class, 10.30-11.30 and an evening class of 6.30-7.30.

Areas covered in class will include. How to engage your core muscles, good movement patterns for the low back, basic strengthing for cor muscles and supporting structures. By the end of the 6 weeks you should have a good idea about correct movement patterns for the low back as well as the ability to continue an exercise regime for low back strengthning on your own.


Learn what not to do such as the sit up commonly associated with low back pain trying more back friendly exercise such as the plank.