The weather is warming up and it’s that time of the year where as a nation we love to get out into

the garden. This is a very common time of year for us to see gardening related back pain so here are

a few tips to help us enjoy the gardening without it breaking our backs:

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• Gardening is like any other exercise; you need to warm up first. Don’t go straight into heavy

garden work; start off with lighter jobs as this will lessen the chance of muscle strain. Vary

your activity by spending no more than 20-30 minutes on any one job and make sure you

take regular breaks.

• Use a ladder to help you reach those awkward areas but make sure you are facing it and

keeping hips, knees and shoulders pointing in the same direction.

• Move the ladder regularly rather than over stretch and make sure the ladder is planted

firmly or if possible get someone to hold the ladder for you.

• Get as close as possible to the things you are pruning and avoid overstretching to reach

the area you are dealing with.

bushes that are beyond normal reach.

Invest in some long handled secateurs to reach plants and

• Think about how you are lifting items; avoid twisting, bend your knees and keep the item

close to your body. If the item is very heavy, get someone to help you. If potting plants, use

a height table to prevent bending down for prolonged periods.

• Remember gardening is a strenuous activity and our bodies may not be ready for it after the

winter months. Ease into it gradually, plan your day and take regular breaks.


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