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Summer 2019 Newsletter

It’s Been a Busy 9 Months! As most of you will be aware Younger Beauty, Laser & Aesthetics opened its salon doors in November 2018 off the back of Charlotte’s amazing hot stone massages. We wanted to create a luxury environment to match her treatments,... read more

Common Skiing Injuries

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and escaping to the snow topped mountains and piste is the highlight of any skier’s year. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of speeding down the slopes, wind in your face and fresh air in your lungs. While skiing... read more

The Importance of Owning a Suitable Mattress

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints seen by us here at Younger Chiropractic Clinic and is suffered by thousands of adults all across the UK each year. While back pain can sometimes be a result of injury, the position and back support you receive from... read more

Exercise For The Lower Back

Back pain is a growing problem. Many of us lead more sedentary lives than we used to and hunching over a computer keyboard or sitting for long hours at work and in our leisure time doesn’t help. As a result of this sedentary lifestyle more people are presenting... read more

Dealing With Stress

More and more people today are finding life stressful. Our lives are super-busy and the strains of modern living can result in feeling stressed, with a feeling of being unable to cope or of having no control. For many, stress can have a huge impact on their physical... read more

Common Golf Injuries

A lot of people mistakenly believe that golf is a low impact sport. However, there are many different golf injuries that can occur, and in fact, 40 per cent of amateurs and approximately 60 per cent of professionals suffer injuries from taking part in golfing... read more

How to Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is something most people suffer from at some point in their life and with Back Pain Awareness Week taking place from 7th-11th October, we thought it was a great time to give you an insight into some of the common causes of back pain, as well as tips on... read more

Back Pain in Children

Back pain in children Bony and muscular pains have always been associated with age and elderly. As we grow older, our whole body undergoes processes that decrease the vigor and vitality. Children have always been looked upon as signs of emerging energy and life where... read more

Migraines and Magnesium

A recent study from Iranian researchers found that there might be a link between blood levels of magnesium and migraine headaches.1 Researchers looked at 50 migraine patients and 50 healthy subjects with no history of migraine. The migraine patients had average... read more

Why Should I See a Chiropractor

Chiropractic is a pain relief technique that offers respite for muscles, joints, bones and connective tissue like cartilages, ligaments and tendons. Chiropractors resort to proactive spinal manipulation where appropriate, management and offer alternate techniques to... read more

12 Good Reasons To See a Chiropractor

1. Nerve Interference Can Occur Without Pain • Nerve damage may occur to nerve fibers other than the tiny pain nerve fibers. The tiny pain fibers are small and less liable to mechanically caused irritation. Therefore harmful nerve damage can occur without pain. (Gunn.... read more

Fibromyalgia and Low Vitamin D Levels

Fibromyalgia patients are at risk of vitamin D deficiency according to a new study from Ireland. In the study, 36% of fibromyalgia patients had deficient levels of vitamin D and 62% had insufficient levels. That meant only 15% of patients were getting adequate levels... read more

Chiropractic Beats Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Many people are sent to physical therapists for back pain, but a recent study finds that chiropractic patients have better results. Numerous studies have shown that chiropractic can be an effective treatment for patients with low back pain. Now a new report has looked... read more

Do Older People Simply Accept Back Pain?

In a recent study published in the Journal of Aging and Health, researchers found that while older people are more likely to suffer from lower back pain, they are less likely to seek treatment. The cross-sectional telephone survey determined that 12.3% of older adults... read more

Chiropractic Cut Migraine Pain by 68%

Mainstream medical treatment of migraine headache relies heavily on using pharmaceuticals to manage and control migraine pain. But medications can come with a slew of side effects like nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and even more headaches from medication overuse.... read more
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