Sports Injuries

Sports people have long known about the benefits of Chiropractic, not only to recover from injury, but to also maintain and improve performance.

Here at the Chiropractic clinic sports injuries are some of the most common complaints that we see.  Many top sports teams and individuals have Chiropractors on their medical staff, Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong for example use Chiropractic.

It’s not just top athletes that use Chiropractors to get them back to fitness, sports people of all abilities and ages also come in to get back to fitness.  Most sports are repetitive and require the athlete to train many hours each week, this can lead to injury.

Chiropractors look to optimise the neuro musculo-skeletal system to reduce the risk of injury, but also improve performance.

Every athlete knows that an injury can drastically impact confidence and the ability to train.  A treatment plan looks to reduce the healing time and also prevention of recurring injury through a specific rehabilitation program.

Wirral Chiropractor Examining a patient

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