Almost everyone gets back pain at some time, but staying active, with the help of chiropractic, may well be the best solution.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Poor posture may lead to back pain. Your Wirral chiropractor may advise you to make postural changes is you:
– spend hours a day sitting at a desk or a computer
– slouch in front of the TV
– sleep in a bed that is too hard or soft
– find yourself hunching your back and shoulders in stressful situations

“I only bent to tie my shoe”

Repeating daily activites such as bending, lifting and twisting, as well as other lifestyle factors may result in back pain. This is why your BCA chiropractor will want to understand how you tackle your exeryday activities. He/she will also ask about any injuries to your back as a result of, for example, a fall or lifting heavy weights.

Treating the cause, not the symptoms

As you go through life, a slight loss of proper movement of the bones/joints can interfere with the healthy working of your spine and the nerves that pass through it. This can lead to pain. Chiropractic care treats the cause of pain, not just the pain itself. Your Wirral chiropractor will carry out a full examination and ask you questions about your posture, medical history and lifestyle, to try to discover the cause of your back pain and offer a diagnosis of your complaint.
Then your treatment will begin, often with gently, specific manipulation or other suitable treatment. This effective treatment is generally painless, although you may feel some short-term discomfort if your back is already very sore.
Your chiropractor may recommend heat or ice treatment, massage or other suitable treatment. Latest national guidelines on back pain suggest that you should try to remain active, as prolonged bed rest or inactivity may slow your recovery. You may also be advised to take gentle exercise to ease your pain and help your body to recover. NICE (2009) Guidelines on the treatment of persistent low back pain suggest that spinal manipulation, such as that offered by chiropractors, may be effective in helping back pain.



Wirral Chiropractor Examining a patient

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