Success Stories - Headaches

How we treated a patient with severed headaches

Patient B presented to Younger Chiropractic with a 20 year history of headaches. He suffered daily with varying severity but would have a headache 5 days out of 7. The headaches were dramatically affecting his life. At time of presentation he had had a headache for 5 days in a row without any relief.

He decided to pop in after seeing our advertisement for headaches in the window of the clinic. He came in with a “well I imagine you cant do anything” attitude but was getting desperate and would try anything.
I sat Mr B down and explained the different types of headache. Although Mr B had been told his headaches were Migraine his headaches did not appear to be classic of Migraine. I took a thorough case history from him and talked about his daily habits. I looked at his posture, and checked his neck and shoulder range of motion. I took his blood pressure, examined his cranial nerves, checked his upper limb and lower limb neurology and did a thorough palpation ( the process of using one’s hands to examine the body) of his neck, shoulder and lower back. Mr B had a very restricted upper neck, lower neck and upper back. On palpation of the muscles at the back of his neck just beneath the base of his skull Mr B felt the reproduction of his headache at that moment in time. This is a common finding to be able to reproduce headaches through pressure points at the back of the neck which often confirms a cause of the headache from the neck area. This is called referred pain which is the symptom felt in the head from a cause at the back of the neck.

I diagnosed Mr B with cervicogenic headache. I explained that I would treat the findings of restriction and stiffness in his neck, shoulders and lower back. I could improve the movement in his neck and shoulder region however explained that I would need him to do home exercises initially beginning with stretching progressing to strength exercises. We needed to address the muscle imbalance that had occurred due to years of driving and bad posture. I explained that treating Mr B’s symptoms was a partnership and as much as I could do in the treatment room there was a lot he could do for himself at home which I could teach him and encourage him to do. We agreed to proceed with treatment focusing on the above findings to see if it had an effect on his headaches.

I treated Mr B 3 times with joint manipulation, mobilisation and muscle trigger point therapy and by the fourth treatment reported the constant headache that he had suffered with daily for nearly a week had gone and generally was feeling more mobile and less general neck pain. After two more treatments over a 2 week period Mr B had not had a headache for 2 weeks. We spaced treatment and after 3 months had only had 1 headache which lasted for a day but had gone by the next day.

I encouraged Mr B to continue working on his posture and to continue the exercises I have taught him to help maintain his neck mobility and to correct some of the muscle imbalances that he had developed.

This is just one case of many that we see at Younger Chiropractic. Headaches are multi factorial however headache from neck restriction is a common complaint that we see and treat successfully. If you are suffering from headaches and want to see if we can help why not book a consultation with one of our Chiropractors today on 0151 648 7878.

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