How to reduce the pain of driving!

November 6, 2013

The Pain of Driving

Finally the clocks have gone forward & now, as I am sure you have noticed the days are getting longer & the weather is improving. So with Easter approaching & Bank holiday weekends not far away many of us may be going on holiday. Now whether that be a trip within our Great British Isles or somewhere overseas both can involve long car journeys.

So in light of this here are some tips that can help minimise the strain of driving on your back as well as other areas so you can make the most of your time away.



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Seat position


-Cars have made much advancement over recent years therefore take advantage of the different adjustment handles you have within your car seat. For example ensure that you have your seat angled slightly backwards, to approximately 30o, but make sure that it feels comfortable

– Adjust the height of the seat so you can reach the pedals without having to stretch, you should be able to apply sufficient force by moving your ankles & require minimal movement of your legs

– When your hands are resting on the steering wheel you should have a slight bend in both your elbows


Mirror Position


– Ensure that the position of your mirrors are set to your specific needs so you can see all around your car easily simply by moving your eyes, this will minimise the amount of rotation you require from your neck


Steering Wheel


– Often forgotten but make certain your steering wheel does not obstruct any your display panel


Seat Belt


– Your seat belt should provide both safety and comfort therefore make sure that your seat belt does not rub against your neck or arm instead it should rest comfortably on your shoulder


Finally remember to allow sufficient time for your journey so you can enjoy a relaxed journey and have the opportunity to take breaks

Have a great time