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Heswall and Pensby

At Younger Chiropractic Clinic our Chiropractors have been providing expert Chiropractic services to the residents of Heswall and Pensby for the last ten years. All our receptionists are local to Heswall and appear to recognise the many faces that come through our clinic on a daily basis.

As Chiropractors we treat many different joint, muscle and nerve injuries. Although most commonly known for treating back pain Chiropractors also treat many other conditions.
Having being involved with the local areas of Pensby and Heswall for such a long time, we are well known throughout the community. We have provided expert advice and treatment to the local groups, one of which being the Pensby runners. We are experts in the common injuries suffered by runners such as knee and foot pain. If you have been suffering with a running related injury why not consult with one of our Chiropractors to keep you pounding the local streets of Heswall and Pensby.

Two of our Chiropractors are keen runners themselves having completed many races over the years from 5k to marathon distance.
Need advice and how to keep that knee pain at bay or stop that niggling pain preventing you from running your best, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and treatment from avid runners themselves.

At Younger Chiropractic we also have strong connections with a local strength and conditioning coach Jon Fairhurst. Jon works from the local gym Creation in Heswall. Once we have identified the root of your problem a very common finding amongst runners is lack of strength and power in the supporting muscles of the back and hips. Strength around this area helps eliminate the common causes for recurrent knee and foot pain.

At Younger Chiropractic we sponsor two local runners from the Pensby and Heswall area both of which have suffered common knee and foot injuries. We have been helping them remain injury free and continue to achieve great results in various fell running and cross county races. Please see our blogs on the runners to see how we have helped them.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 0151 648 7878.

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